Replacement Windows

1. What is a Replacement Window?
a. For the most part, replacement windows can be separated into two camps; “Insert Windows” and “Full Frame Windows” or sometimes referred to as “New Construction Windows.”  Essentially either type “replaces” your existing window with a new, energy efficient model which, in nearly all cases, offers the ability to tilt it in for cleaning from the inside.  Replacement windows can be Double Hungs, Casements, Awnings, Hoppers, Picture Windows, Gliders and even Polygons!

2. Am I a candidate for Replacement Windows? 
a. If you have existing windows now that are older, drafty, broken or simply unattractive, you could be a candidate for replacement windows .  Simply put, your windows could be “replaced” with updated, energy efficient, properly working windows.  Depending on the type of window you have currently and the condition of them, can help determine which type of “replacement window” you need. 

3. What are the common features, benefits and differences between Insert and Full Frame Windows?
a. The difference between the two types is the installation method.  Insert  Windows are designed to fit within your existing Double Hung or Picture Window frame.  (For Casement and Awning windows, the Insert method can be a significant challenge due to the frame style and existing hardware).  The benefit of and Insert product is that the installation is typically easier and in most cases the interior and exterior casing can be left undisturbed.  The alternative to an Insert window is the Full Frame or New Construction window.  If the existing window frame and or casing is rotted or in otherwise poor condition, this may be a better option for you.  With this type of solution, the entire existing window frame and casing is removed and replaced with new material.  This method is what we refer to as, “bringing it back to the studs”.  The framing would be exposed at this point and a new window unit would be installed into your existing (or modified*) Rough Opening.  This is the most thorough and involved type of replacement.  It’s likely also the most expensive method but for some customers, it makes the most sense so that any rotted material is eliminated and so that daylight loss is minimized, compared to the “Insert” window.  *(When replacing windows with a Full Frame product, depending on adjacent walls and clearances, it is often possible to change the size or layout by modifying the Rough Opening to accommodate a new size or shape.)

4. Why should I purchase Marvin or Integrity by Marvin Replacement Windows?
a. Marvin and Integrity Replacement Windows are built to last and perform in nature’s harshest environments.  If you’re looking for durability as well as timeless architectural style which compliments every style of home, Marvin is built for you.  Whether you need a special color on the exterior or a certain species of wood on the interior, Marvin has something to achieve the look you want and the dependability you demand. Materials like Extruded Aluminum, featuring the highest quality finish in the industry and Pultruded Fiberglass which is 8x stronger than vinyl, define what Marvin does best.  Built from an expandable platform, Marvin Replacement Windows offer everything from a clean, crisp contemporary design to historically accurate windows worthy of any detailed restoration project.  Options such as innovative operating hardware and retractable double hung screens that disappear when not in use will set your Replacement Windows apart from all the others.  Simply put, Marvin and Integrity by Marvin offer the look, the performance and the dependability you want in a Replacement Window, at the finest level of detail for your home.  

5. Why should I purchase my Replacement Windows from North Shore Window Solutions?
a. When it comes to supplying a technical product like windows, you’ve got to be sure you’re talking to the authority in the industry so that you end up with the best solution for your needs.  The staff at NSWS has over 100 years of combined experience with Marvin windows and will take the time to listen to you to help you find just the right window with the options you want, to complete your vision for your home.  We are passionate about windows and would love to talk to you about your windows to see how we can help you!  We will be able to guide you through the maze of choices on the market and help you compare different products so you can make an educated decision on your terms and avoid the hassle of misinformation or cheesy sales pitches.   We are here to consult with you and help you arrive at a solution that works for your style, expectations and budget, in the quiet, comfortable environment of our showroom or at your home, whichever you prefer.  

6. What if I have questions about my Replacement Windows after I’ve purchased them?
a. You can relax knowing that we have full time Service Technicians and Product Experts on staff to answer any question that may come up at any time after your purchase.  Even if you have questions on older Marvin products (and sometimes even on other brands of products), our staff has such a vast amount of knowledge about millwork products we can always answer your questions and find a solution for you. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, have an installation question or simply want to know what to use to clean your glass, we will get you an answer!