Marvin Adds to Passive House Institute U.S.

WARROAD, MN-- Marvin Windows and Doors has added additional certifications to its collection of passive building solutions, with the Clad Direct Glaze Polygon window now certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS). The company's Clad Ultimate Casement is also certified by PHIUS.

NSWS for Marvin - Marvin Adds to Passive House Institute U.S.

Marvin is the largest American window manufacturer to offer passive building solutions. Handcrafted in America, Marvin's passive solutions are created by Signature Services, a part of the company that provides one-on-one architectural consulting and unique solutions to meet project specifications for commercial and residential projects.

"Windows are a key consideration in passive building design," said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. "Because our products are handcrafted in our Warroad, Minn., facility, Marvin can offer builders a shorter lead time than international manufacturers. And our extensive independent dealer network means we can support the project from the time it's drawn up until after installation. Marvin is known for working one-on-one with its customers to deliver the perfect windows for each project along with high-tech building solutions, and we can really shine in the passive building arena."

Marvin's Clad Direct Glaze Polygon offers a 10-year warranty on parts and workmanship and 20 years on glass -- among the best warranties in the passive market. With a century-long heritage as a family-owned and operated company, Marvin is committed to serving its customers and standing behind its products.

"With our long history of custom manufacturing and our skilled, experienced work force, we're able to craft windows that will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency while allowing design freedom," said Brenda Brunk, product planner for Marvin's passive building solutions. "We've deliberately designed our passive building windows so that they look like any other Marvin window. This means you can have a highly efficient window as part of your whole-house passive project and it can be as large as you like with a full range of options for ultimate design flexibility."

The Clad Direct Glaze Polygon comes in a virtually endless range of styles and sizes. With six wood species options and nine factory-applied interior stain and paint finishes, customers can create a window to fit any home. The Clad Direct Glaze Polygon offers 19 standard exterior colors on Marvin's industry-leading extruded aluminum cladding. It features an AAMA 2605-certified finish as standard and also offers an extensive range of custom colors.

To complement its passive building solutions, Marvin also offers an automated exterior shading system that's fully integrated, fully retractable and fully concealed. Unlike current exterior shading systems, Marvin's new patent-pending shading solution uses no bulky add-ons that ruin the line of the windows from outside and block the view from inside. The smart technology allows homeowners to preset the precise shading position for optimal energy management, privacy, and mood.

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About the Passive House Institute U.S.

The Passive House Institute U.S. is a nonprofit organization that provides training, education and research to promote implementation of Passive House Building energy standards, as well as the design approach and techniques to accomplish those standards. Marvin is a proud Green Level Sponsor of the Passive House Institute U.S.


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Marvin Windows and Doors brings its Built around you® philosophy to life with every customer and every solution. A premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors, Marvin offers the industry's most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options to fit the diverse needs of builders and match the personalities of homeowners. Marvin's tradition of delivering the finest craftsmanship in windows and doors began in Warroad, Minn., a small town just six miles from the Canadian border, where the privately-held, family-owned and operated company is still headquartered today.


SOURCE: Digital Journal via Marvin Windows and Doors